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Speciality areas

Optical Design

Fotónica GiLeyva has ample experience in the design of optical components and optical systems in general.

Diffractive Optics

Development of diffractive optical elements for any type of application, like wavefront sensing and PSF design


Holographic microscopy

Design and development of holographic microscopy systems. In this technique the image obtained is reconstructed, or simply focused, by means of numerical methods. In the process of doing so, information about the three-dimensional structure of the sample is retrieved.

Holographic microscopy, digital holography
Example of Digital Holography

Stray Light Analysis

Analysis and numerical calculation of the stray light levels due to surface reflections and light scattering from surface roughness or contamination.

stray light analysis

Illumination Optics

Design of TIR lenses and extrusion lenses for applications requiring controlled illumination.

illumination, radiance